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LHS Students Participate in Iowa Youth Straw Poll

    On Tuesday, November 1, the Lamoni High School students participated in the Iowa Youth Straw Poll put on by the Iowa Secretary of State’s office. You may have seen students wearing their Iowa Youth Straw Poll “I VOTED #IAparticipate” stickers they received once they voted. The #IAparticpated was the hashtag used by the Secretary of State’s office for the event on social media; students were encouraged to snap a picture of themselves with their stickers and use the hashtag.

    The Iowa Youth Straw Poll program provides students the opportunity to let their political voices to be heard by casting their ballot for President, Senate, and House of Representatives. The event takes place statewide with schools from across Iowa holding their own mock elections. Each school that participates then sends their election results in to the Iowa Secretary of State’s office where they will be compiled. Once done, the Secretary of State’s office will release the statewide results. From Lamoni High School, 71 students cast their votes with the following results:

President/Vice President
Donald Trump/ Mike Pence – 45%
Hillary Clinton/ Tim Kaine – 26.7%
Gary Johnson/ Bill Weld – 14%
Jill Stein/ Ajamu Baraka – 7%
Rocky Roque De La Fuente/ Michael Steinberg – 2.8%
Darrell Castle/ Scott Bradley – 1.4%
Dan Vacek/ Mark Elworth – 1.4%
Evan McMullin/ Nathan Johnson – 1.4%

Charles Grassley – 49.2%
Patty Judge – 28.9%
Charles Aldrich – 13%
Jim Hennager – 7.2%
Michael Luick-Thrams – 1.4%

House of Representatives
Dave Loebsack – 56.7%
Christopher Peters – 43.2%

    By 7:00pm Tuesday, the Iowa Secretary of State’s office released the official results from all schools that participated in the Youth Straw Poll. Below is the Media Release issued by the Iowa Secretary of State’s office:

                             MEDIA RELEASE: Iowa Youth Straw Poll results

DES MOINES – Secretary of State Paul Pate’s Iowa Youth Straw Poll was a resounding success with more than 57,000 students from more than 250 schools across the state participating. Most of the schools cast their ballots on November 1.

“I think it was a great opportunity for them to see first-hand how the process works. It also gives them a running start for the next election cycle and also receive a little tutoring at the same time, so they’ll have a good base of knowledge for Iowa’s elections process,” Secretary Pate said. “I hope this fired them up and will also spur them to encourage their parents, neighbors and friends to get out and vote.”

Here are the statewide results as of 6:45 p.m. Tuesday night, listing only candidates that received at least five percent of the vote total:

Donald Trump-46%
Hillary Clinton-36%
Gary Johnson-7%

Charles Grassley-62%
Patty Judge-25%
Charles Aldrich-5%
Jim Hennager-5%


Here are the results from each congressional district:

Rod Blum-59%
Monica Vernon-41%
More than 12,200 votes cast

Dave Loebsack-50%
Christopher Peters-50%
Loebsack leads 3,234-3,230

David Young-56%
Jim Mowrer-31%4
Bryan Jack Holder-6%
More than 13,750 votes cast

Steve King-75%
Kim Weaver-25%
More than 11,950 votes cast

Complete live results are available here: https://sos.iowa.gov/youth/poll/results.aspx

A Facebook Live video that included interviews with more than two dozen teachers and students from around the state is available on the Iowa Secretary of State’s Facebook page: facebook.com/IASecretaryofState

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