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First Name Last Name Email Title Location Extension
Aaron Comer acomer@lamonischools.org 5-12 Band/7-12 Choir Lamoni Community Schools

(641) 784-3351



aarchibeque@lamonischools.org Strat II Lamoni Community Schools

(641) 784-3351

Becca Harvey bharvey@lamonischools.org Human Resources Lamoni Community Schools  
Sarah Howell showell@lamonischools.org Spanish/English 8-12 Lamoni Community Schools

(641) 784-3351

Mark Patience mpatience@lamonischools.org Director of Technology Lamoni Community Schools (641) 784-3351
Alan Dykens adykens@lamonischools.org PK-12 Principal Lamoni Community Schools (641) 784-3351
Alma Mickelson amickelson@lamonischools.org Kindergarten Teacher Lamoni Elementary School (641) 784-3422
Amanda Mitchell amitchell@lamonischools.org Guidance Counselor Lamoni Community Schools (641) 784-3351 Ext. 2407
Donna Binning dbinning@lamonischools.org Nurse Lamoni Community Schools (641) 784-3422
Chris Coffelt ccoffelt@lamonischools.org Superintendent Lamoni Community Schools (641) 784-3351
Cindy Pitt cpitt@lamonischools.org 5th Grade Teacher Lamoni Elementary School (641) 784-3422
Carol Shields cshields@lamonischools.org MS Paraprofessional Lamoni Middle School (641) 784-7299
Chrissy Tull ctull@lamonischools.org Administrative Assistant Lamoni Community Schools (641) 784-3351
Eve Henson ehenson@lamonischools.org Administrative Assistant Lamoni Community Schools (641) 784-7299
Jami Vogel jkerns@lamonischools.org PreK Paraprofessional Lamoni Elementary School (641) 784-3860
Kim Lilienthal jlilienthal@lamonischools.org HS Paraprofessional Lamoni High School (641) 784-3351
Jean Patience jpatience@lamonischools.org Art Teacher Lamoni Middle School (641) 784-3351
Jennifer Rowland jrowland@lamonischools.org ES Paraprofessional Lamoni Elementary School (641) 784-3422
Kristina Gerke kgerke@lamonischools.org PreK Paraprofessional Lamoni Elementary School (641) 784-3860
Kyle Leonard kleonard@lamonischools.org HS Social Studies Teacher Lamoni High School (641) 784-3351
Karen Zion kzion@lamonischools.org MS/HS Paraprofessional Lamoni High School (641) 784-3351
Linda Edwards ledwards@lamonischools.org Reading Teacher Lamoni Elementary School (641) 784-3422
Laura Jeanes ljeanes@lamonischools.org MS/HS Paraprofessional Lamoni High School (641) 784-7299
Lisa Jones ljones@lamonischools.org Business Manager & Board Secretary Lamoni Community Schools (641) 784-3351
Leslea McKillip lmckillip@lamonischools.org 1st grade Teacher Lamoni Elementary School (641) 784-3422
      5-12 Band & 6-12 Vocal Music Teacher Lamoni Middle School (641) 784-7299
Michelle Cray mcray@lamonischools.org Title I Teacher Lamoni Elementary School (641) 784-3422
MaryAnne Martin mmartin@lamonischools.org LEEP Preschool teacher/ECSE Lamoni Elementary School (641) 784-3860
Ryan Martin rmartin@lamonischools.org Student Services Coordinator Lamoni Community Schools (641) 7843351
Sheryl Harrison sharrison@lamonischools.org PreK-5 Administrative Assistant Lamoni Elementary School (641) 784-3422
Stacy Jones sjones@lamonischools.org Superintendent Assistant Lamoni Community Schools (641) 784-3342
Shyra Ogier sogier@lamonischools.org LEEP Preschool Teacher/ECSE Lamoni Elementary School (641) 784-3860
Sandy Ranney sranney@lamonischools.org 1st Grade Teacher Lamoni Elementary School (641) 784-3422
Vicki Winchester vwinchester@lamonischools.org High School Business/Computer  Lamoni High School (641) 784-3351
Amy Sellars asellars@lamonischools.org 4th Grade Teacher Lamoni Elementary School (641) 784-3422
Brandy Boswell bboswell@lamonischools.org 3rd Grade Teacher Lamoni Elementary School (641) 784-3422
Sarah Burke sburke@lamonischools.org 2nd Grade Teacher Lamoni Elementary School (641) 784-3422
Shanci Craig scraig@lamonischools.org K-2 Special Education Teacher Lamoni Elementary School (641) 784-3422 ext. 2231
Gayle Ramaeker gramaeker@lamonischools.org HS Science Teacher Lamoni High School (641) 784-3351
Judi Daily jdaily@lamonischools.org Special Education & Physical Education Lamoni High School (641) 784-7299
Jon Hampton jhampton@lamonischools.org

Family and Consumer Science Teacher

Athletic Director

Lamoni High School (641) 784-3351
Jennifer McKinney jmckinney@lamonischools.org HS Math Teacher Lamoni High School (641) 784-3351
Kerry Cox kcox@lamonischools.org String Music Teacher Lamoni Middle School (641) 784-3351
Lynda Farnham lfarnham@lamonischools.org TAG & Librarian Lamoni High School (641) 784-3351
Linda Perkins lperkins@lamonischools.org MS Language Arts Teacher Lamoni Middle School (641) 784-3422
Lacey Whitaker lwhitaker@lamonischools.org Agriculture Teacher Lamoni High School (641) 784-3351
Ryan Olson rolson@lamonischools.org K-12 Physical Education Teacher Lamoni High School (641) 784-3351
Scott Edens sedens@lamonischools.org HS English Teacher Lamoni High School (641) 784-3351
Liz Carpenter ecarpenter@lamonischools.org Middle School Science Teacher Lamoni Middle School (641) 784-7299 Ext. 2123
Holly Howell hhowell@lamonischools.org Middle School Math Teacher Lamoni Middle School (641) 784-7299 ext. 2124
Nathan Silver nsilver@lamonischools.org MS Social Studies Teacher Lamoni Middle School (641) 784-7299
Karen Roberts kroberts@lamonischools.org

TLC Substitute

On-Site Supervisor Exploration Academy

Lamoni Community Schools

(641) 784-3351