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 Lamoni FFA Schedule of Events

January 2016

9      212 & 360 Conferences                                                            FFA Enrichment Center
15    Performance Beef Weigh-In Ends    
16    Iowa FFA Alumni Conference                                                    FFA Enrichment Center

21    IA Degree/Proficency Awards pre-review night                         Indianola
26    31st Iowa FFA Legislative Symposium                                       FFA Enrichment Center
February 2016

1    National FFA Scholarship Applications Due - On-Line    
1    National Chapter Award (Form I & II) Postmark                            To FFA Enrichment Center
1    Star Awards: 3 Copies of Iowa Degree Application - Postmark    To FFA Enrichment Center
4    South Central District Degree & Proficiency Review                      Centerville
15    DEADLINE: SLC Signature Forms (Band, Choir, Talent/IDOL, SAE/Ag Ed Publicity, Public Relations, Journalism, State Officer Candidate, Nominating Committee, Committee Chairperson, Rising Star Award)                                                                                                  To FFA Enrichment Center
15    DEADLINE: Academic Achievement Award - Seniors                  To FFA Enrichment Center
20    Iowa FFA Proficiency Award Judging                                            FFA Enrichment Center
20-27    National FFA Week    
24    National Chapter Award Judging                                                  Iowa State University-Ames
March 2016
12    South Central District Convention                                                  Graceland College, Lamoni
12    Northeast District Convention                                                        Midland, Wyoming
15    SLC Pre-Registration Due (Required by all Chapters) - On-Line    To FFA Enrichment Center via Iowa FFA On-line
15    Courtesy Corps Application - On-Line    To FFA Enrichment Center
19    Iowa FFA Board of Directors Meeting (Team Ag Ed/Tentative)    FFA Enrichment Center
April 2016
1    Tag Order Form Due: Derby Pig, Market Swine & Commercial Gilt; Market/Carcass Lamb & Commercial Ewe/Ewe Lamb; Market Meat Goat    To Iowa State Fair
12    SLC Registration - On-Line                              FFA Enrichment Center via Iowa FFA On-Line
12-14    State FFA Officer Interviews                        FFA Enrichment Center
17-19    Iowa FFA Leadership Conference                Ames
29    WLC Bus Trip Registrations Due - On-Line       To FFA Enrichment Center

May 2016

1    County Fair Nominations due

2    Nominations Due: Derby Pig - On-Line                                 To Iowa State Fair
2    Derby Pig DNA Samples and Payment Due - Postmark       To Iowa State Fair

6    Ag. Awareness Day for county                                               Decatur Co. Fairgrounds
12    Market Broiler Form and Payment Due - Postmark             To Iowa State Fair
16    American FFA Degree & Review Sheet Due: Online and Postmark
Iowa FFA Online and To FFA Enrichment Center
16    DEADLINE: Nominations Due (On-Line): Breeding Beef, Cow-Calf, Dairy Cattle, Dairy Goat, Horse, Breeding Meat Goat, Mkt Wether Meat Goat, Mkt/Carcass Lamb, Commercial Ewe/Ewe Lamb, Registered Ewe/Ewe Lamb & Ram Lamb, Registered/Crossbred Mkt Pig & Commercial Gilt, and Registered Breeding Gilt                                                               To Iowa State Fair
16    DEADLINE: DNA Samples, Payment, and Horse Paperwork Due; All Swine, Sheep & Meat Goat Tag Returns (Extras) - Postmark                                                           To Iowa State Fair
16    No Nominations Needed: Ag Mechanics, Farm Crops, Floriculture, Horticulture, Photography, Poultry & Rabbit    
24-26     Iowa FFA Officer Enrichment Training                               FFA Enrichment Center
27    ISF Grandstand Usher & Free Stage Signature Forms - Postmark    To Iowa State Fair
31-2    Iowa FFA Vet Science CDE - Online                                    FFA Enrichment Center
June 2016
TBA    SC District COLT    TBA
9    Iowa FFA Agronomy/Ag Mechanics/Food Science CDEs    Iowa State University-Ames
9    Iowa FFA Vet Science CDE (Event is Conducted Online)    Iowa State University-Ames (Recognition)
14    Iowa FFA Floriculture/Nursery & Landscape CDE    Kirkwood Community College-Cedar Rapids
15    DEADLINE: Add members to roster for Iowa State Fair entry - Online    National FFA Website
15    National Qualifying Proficiency Award Applications & Top 23 National Chapter Award Applications - Postmark                                                                                    To FFA Enrichment Center
July 2016

1    DEADLINE: FFA Annual Report    To DE
1    National FFA Band/Chorus/Talent Applications - Online (Ag CN)    To National FFA
1    Iowa State Fair Entries Due - Online (State Fair Entry System)        To Iowa State Fair

1    County Fair Entries Due
1    Chapter Summary Report, Code of Ethics, Payment & FSQA/PQA Plus (Swine Exhibitors) Due - Postmarked                                                                                            To Iowa State Fair
1    Iowa State Fair FFA Scholarship Application Due - Postmark          To Iowa State Fair
15    National FFA Agriscience Fair Certification Due - Online                National FFA Website

20-25    Decatur Co. Fair
August 2016

 11-21    Iowa State Fair                                                               Des Moines
27    Iowa FFA Livestock/Meats/Milk Quality & Products CDE    Iowa State University-Ames
September 2016

10    Iowa FFA Dairy Cattle CDE (Tentative)    West Union
 TBA    SC West Sub-District Soils Judging    TBA

October 2016
TBA    SC District Soils Judging    TBA
TBA    SC District Greenhand Fire-Up                                     Indianola
15    Iowa FFA Soils CDE (Tentative)                                        Iowa State University-Ames
19-22    National FFA Convention & Expo                                Indianapolis, IN
November 2016

1    INITIAL DEADLINE: FFA Roster (National FFA Website), Program of Activities (Emailed), Dues & Fees Paid    To FFA Enrichment Center
12    212 & Discovery Conferences                                        FFA Enrichment Center
19    212 & 360 Conferences                                                  FFA Enrichment Center
December 2016

1    FINAL DEADLINE: FFA Roster (National FFA Website), Program of Activities (Emailed), Dues & Fees Paid    To FFA Enrichment Center
3    Iowa FFA Board of Directors Meeting                               FFA Enrichment Center