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COVID Break Challenges


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COVID Break Challenges

Some mathematical-based challenges for you!  


Challenge 1: Race Cars 

Goal:  Get the cars in the square.  The person with the most cars at the end wins.  Watch the Race Car Challenge Video for more directions. 

What We Found:  Sweep the surface (unless you want to increase the difficulty).  Not all cars are equal.  Not all cars drive in a straight line!  Videos of my results here and here

What did you find?  Share with me via email or post in Google Classroom.  


Challenge 2: Paper Airplanes

Goal:  Make a paper airplane that can fly at least 6 feet.  Watch the Paper Airplane Challenge video for more directions.  Need more ideas?  Check out this video. 

Competition categories: Smallest plane, largest plane, farthest distance, most loop-de-loops, most barrel rolls. 

What did you make?  How did the material you used affect your plane? Share with me via email or post in Google Classroom.