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New Laptops at School

    The Lamoni Middle School and Lamoni High School students are getting new laptops; these will be Chromebooks. The Chromebooks are being tested by some of the people in Tag, which stands for Talented and Gifted. The people that tested the laptops are Kiera Fonseca, Matthew Patience, Owen Jackel, and Heiatua Paredes; there are no 6th grade testers. The laptop covers are all going to be the same color, which is red. Students will be able to change the case, but they will have to buy it on their own. Mr. Patience says that the cases are all going to be red to keep it simple. You will not get your computers unless your guardian can sign a form that says are you responsible for the computers.

    We all have our own thoughts about the new Chromebooks. Grace Forsythe says, “I think the new laptops are better than the Apple computers because the Apple computers are sometime really slow with the internet. Also another reason I like the new computers is that they are for individual people so that teachers and students don’t have to borrow computers from other classes.”

    Bella Jenkins says, “I think the new laptops are cool, and that we could have them to ourselves is amazing! I think that it takes a lot of work to get the computers to actually work, but it might be worth all the work to set them up. I like that the computers can be put in our lockers and that the old computers are still going to be used. I like that we can stay signed into Google and don’t have to sign out of other things we are signed into.”

    Skylar Hill says, ”I think that it will be good because that means that we won't run out of laptops. That also means more computers for the elementary because they are getting our old ones. I think that they are only getting the good ones.”    

    Lily Meline said this, “I believe that this is a great opportunity to keep things organized when it comes to computers, and this will be a welcome change. I’m not saying that the Apple computers weren’t efficient, but there were definitely some problems with having all of the kids share the same computers. All in all, it sounds great!”

    Kade Nowlin said, “I think it is a great idea because all the kids will have personal computers.”

    Owen Jackel was one of the testers, and this is what he had to say about them. “I think that the new Chromebooks are very great, as they are very fast and they are made for Google-type things. Therefore it has very quick speed. They are a little weird for me to get used to since I’ve used Apple-type products practically my whole life. But it’s not that big of a change since the only real huge difference is the layout of the keyboard. Overall, I think that the computers will be a good change for the school since it will also give the younger kids computers to learn with.”

    Logan Snethen siad that he is fine with the Chromebooks, but he thinks there is a catch of some sort. He said that the teachers will be watching what we do on the computers.

    Heitua Paredes was another tester who said, “I really like the Chromebooks. They are easy to use, portable, and a wonderful addition to our middle school and high school. This is really helpful for middle schoolers, and I am so happy we get to use them.”

    Janessa Hutchinson’s thoughts are, “I think that it is a bad idea because you can't take them home to finish your assignments.”

    Joseph Jenkins’s exact words were, “I hate the Macbooks and love the new computers. I love the new laptops because they run better and are easier to sign into Google.”

    Nathan Nash said, “I like the new computers because they are touch screen and are also very light. Also we get to keep them through middle school and either give them back or buy them and get to keep them if we want.”

    Ryan Boswell said, “I think that the laptops can be a change since the only real huge difference is the layout of the keyboard.  

    We are all excited about getting the Chromebooks soon!  They should make our school work easier, and we are looking forward to each having our own computer to use.